Roulette Bets to Win

Roulette is by far the simplest game to grasp in the casino. The house holds a huge advantage in the game of roulette, however – as games in the casino that are simple to pick up tend to favor the house heavily. That being said, roulette is a complete game of chance.

Online Roulette is played with a colored and numbered wheel, as well as a ball. The wheel remains in constant motion and players place wagers on where the ball will ultimately come to rest. Because roulette is a results oriented game based on pure luck, there is no ideal betting strategy as far as which number to bet, which rows to bet on or what color to go with. There is, however, a strategy for the amount a roulette player bets per spin that can help overcome the house edge. By manipulating the amount a roulette player bets in each spin, a roulette player can better predict his returns.

In roulette, it is best to choose either a specific color (red/black) or odd/even. When betting on the color, this type of roulette bet pays even money and is betting whether the ball lands on a red area or a black area, while the odd/even bet is dependent upon the ball resting on an odd valued number or an even valued number. The odd/even bet also pays even money.

In many US Online Casino roulette tables, there are eighteen red spaces as well as eighteen black spaces. Additionally, the numbered spaces range in numeric values from 1 to 36. However, roulette wheels also have the presence of a neutral number or numbers. The European variation of roulette possesses a single green zero, while the American version possesses two green zeros. This is where the house gains its edge in the seemingly even money bets. While the payouts are even money, the probability is a bit less than even, with the house having a greater edge in the American variation than on the European version.

When betting the wheel, stick with red/black or odd/even bets. Start with the minimum allowable bet. When the wheel gives you a favorable outcome, add the winnings to your stack. When the wheel fails to go your way, double the bet size for the next bet. Keep on doubling until you book a winning bet, then revert to the minimum bet.

With every win in this method of betting, you will be ahead by one minimum bet. This is true whether you win your opening bet, or it takes five bets for you to book a winning bet. By playing roulette at Circus Circus in this manner, you will give yourself a decent chance at beating the house at its own game.

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