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Since the world first saw the one-armed bandit all those years ago, playing slot machines has been one of the world’s most popular hobbies, and with the flashing lights and heart-racing excitement and chances to make a lot of money in one flick of the wrist – it’s no surprise.
But playing slot machines just got more exciting: there are now online casino slot machines. And these online slot machines make millionaires every week. Become a millionaire without even leaving your home! Online casino slot machines use the latest in computer technology to ensure that every spin of the reel is as fair as it can possibly be. Each of the reels is governed by a computer chip that is designed to guarantee that the result of each ‘spin’ is completely random.

The online casino slot machines also come in a range of themes and styles that provide those extra little elements of entertainment. Many players find one or two that best suit their tastes and tend to stick with those. Other players like a little experimentation and attempt to try all of them! Playing online casino slot machines has become so popular that there are now thousands of online casinos to choose from.And unlike many other forms of gambling, playing slot machines is fun no matter whether your streak is winning or losing. Fun is the key! But winning never hurts, so before parting with any cash, here’s a few tips for maximizing your potential as a slot machine player:

Choose a Slot Machine
For the uninitiated, it is worth bearing in mind that there are masses of different types of slot machine. Have a look around the casino and select the one that best tickles your fancy. You may find that you need to do a little research before choosing between single-line and multi-line or video slot, progressive slot and bonus slot. You should also note that different slot machines accept different minimum bets. For those of you with limited cash (or who are beginners), perhaps the quarter machines would be best. And for you big spenders, there’s the dollar machines to take your chances with. Obviously the jackpots will be raised according to the minimum spends of the machines – but remember, fun is the key!

Insert your Money
This, again, is a question of how big your budget is. For those of you on a limited budget – or who are looking to make your money go a little further – you may wish to start with the minimum bet. This could be anywhere between a quarter and two dollars, and even at the lower end of that scale can still result in a decent jackpot. But, of course, the larger your initial bet, the larger your potential jackpot.And this is not simply a question of the slot machine that you choose. Many machines will give you a choice of your initial bet. If you decide to play cautiously and bet the lower of the options, should you hit the jackpot, you will receive a lower payout than if you had risked the larger of the initial payments. The choice is yours. Bet less and play for longer – but see smaller jackpots. Or take a chance and bet higher – potentially resulting in the top jackpot, but also risking only having half as long to play. Whatever is the most fun for you .

This, of course, is the heart-racing part of the game! Enter your bet and watch those reels spin – all your fingers and toes crossed for that winning line-up .  There are some online casinos that offer an ‘auto spin’ feature that means you can set the slot machine to spin its reels a pre-set number of times, betting at a pre-set amount of your cash. This means that you can double your chances of winning by playing this slot machine and another at the same time.

Have Fun!
This is the most important rule of gambling: have fun! The buzz and excitement of playing slot machines or any other gambling game is in the random generation of winning rows or cards or dice, but it is this random element that also means it is near impossible to consistently benefit financially. The reels of the slot machine are governed by a computer chip that ensures the results are random – and the same goes for all the other machines. Enjoy the buzz of gambling, and consider your betting money a simple expense – not an investment. If your guesses and gambles pay off and you win a few dollars then consider yourself lucky. If not, consider your money spent on that heart-racing buzz you felt as you watched the reels turn – the excitement of the roller coaster from the comfort of your own living room!

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