Jack Video Poker

Introducing Casino Crib Video Poker, a user-friendly video poker system that employs 3D graphics and realistic casino sounds to bring the Las Vegas experience to your computer. Players can choose betting amounts of $0.25, $1, or $5, and depending on the bet, can receive jackpots of up to 5000 times the original wager.

How to Play

  1. i) Each hand will receive 5 cards. To win, the player must get at least a pair of Jacks or better.
  2. ii) Insert the desired number of coins and press the start button.

iii) After receiving 5 cards, select the cards to keep by pressing the “HOLD” button under the desired card. After the held cards have been selected, pressing “Start” will replace the remaining cards with newly dealt cards. The player does not have to hold any cards, or can choose to hold all cards.

  1. iv) Based on the cards showing after the second deal, the appropriate winnings, if any, will be given.
  2. v) Each game can be played with a minimum of 1 coin, and the bet can be increased incrementally by pressing “1 Bet” button.
  3. vi) The maximum bet on each game is 5 coins, and this amount can be directly selected by pressing the “Max Bet” button. The “Max Bet” button will also cause the first 5 cards to be dealt.

vii) Un-played coins can be cashed out by pressing the “Pay Out” button.

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